Fabrics we handle can be broken down essentially into 2 broad classes, woven (incorporating a warp thread along the weave and a weft thread across) and knitted (where a thread is “knitted” or interlaced against itself or adjacent thread with loops of varying complexity).

When selecting Fabric we often ask for:

Weave or knit type such as plain or double weave, dobby, slub, ripstop, embossed, jacquard, stretch etc.
The Handle or Drape (how it feels in the hand) stiff soft glossy
Yarn type, eg Polyester, Nylon, Cotton etc.
Weight of the fabric in gsm (grams per square metre or equivalent)
Width required
Quantity in lineal Metres or Yards
Colours or Prints required
Finish (eg. Matt, FR Fire Retardant, AS antistatic Water repellent, wicking, brushed etc.)
End Use: eg Rain jacket, running shorts, woman’s top
Need to meet certain standards eg AS, ISO, EN, ASTM etc.
Target price, important if the client needs to meet a price point.
Delivery date
We can take you through this and make recommendations.

Fabrics Performance Criteria Examples

Woven or knit fabrics
Waterproof and Moisture Vapour Permeable (breathable)
Air permeable
Insulative eg fleeces, softshell
Down proof fabrics
Super light weight
Moisture management for perspiration control
Heat management to keep you warm or cool
Arcflash (electrical protection)
Fire Retardant (FR)
Antistatic (AS)
Hi- Visibility Fluorescent
Low visibility (NIR treatment)
Wind proof
UPF protection
Sublimation ready
Compression fit
Stretch (elastane, mechanical 2-way or 4 way)
Abrasion resistant

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