Thanks for your interest in Michael Watson Designs Textiles. If you have an idea of what type of fabric you want, please supply as much information as you can via the Product Enquiry Form below:

Please regard this form as a prompt to help us source the most appropriate fabric or range of fabrics for your end use. The amount of information you provide here is optional, however the more information we have to work with, the better we’re able to assist you. If you don’t know we will work it out.

If your project is confidential, consider discussing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so you have the confidence your IP is protected.

Please provide as much detail as you can in the following form:

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End Use
What the fabric will be used for – this will help work out what you need, if you are not sure.

Target Price
If you know your fabric and have a particular price you need to buy it for, please let us know as it helps us work out what we can do for you and where we should source it.

Fabric Name
What you want to call the fabric or project.

This is what the fabric needs to do, for example waterproof, breathable, fire retardant, warm wear down proof antistatic.

Weave, Knit Or Non-Woven
3 main classes of construction, if you are not sure we can advise.

This is the construction pattern for example, dobby, ripstop, twill, tussah, slub, jersey, pique, double knit, mesh.

Weight Range in GSM
If you have a weight requirement of the finished fabric please let us know, otherwise we can suggest one.

Width Required
Many fabrics come in standard widths but if you have a specific requirement please let us know

What the yarn(s) is/are made of eg; Polyester, Nylon, Taslan, Rayon, Polypropylene, Cotton, Lycra, Sorona or blend of yarns, for example Nylon/Elastane 90/10%.

Yarn Finish
The finish of the yarn eg bright, semi dull, dull, false twist, spun or filament yarn, slub, yarn dyed or piece dyed.

Face Finish
This can include any treatments like DWR (Durable Water Repellency) sanded or buff finish brushed insect repellent antistatic or fire retardant.

Fabric Specifications
Any functional criteria that needs to be met and often depends on end-use, such as military defence standards AS or ISO standards, which define the function of the fabric from colour fastness to waterproofness and breathability or non-pill finish.

Care Specifications
Eg: dry clean only or cold wash etc.

Standards Required
This relates to the fabric and care specifications above, if there are specific Australian or International standards that need to be met eg ISO9000 or AS/NZ1409. Also standards for colour fastness or any specific test the fabric needs to pass.

This is a list or number of the colours required and if required: a pantone colour or advise if you have swatches of the colours required.

Quantity Required
This helps us in providing accurate lead times and prices, also whether we source from a wholesaler or directly from a mill. Mill qtys, for which you get the best price, starts at around 500m whereas you can buy roll quantities (about 50m per colour) from a wholesaler.

Delivery Date Required
If you have a date that you need the fabric by, please let us know as this will help find the right supplier for you and we can help meet critical deadlines such as approving colour dips ordering the greige or loomstate and even paying on time to catch the ship or plane.

Sample Swatch Available
If you have a fabric swatch or other reference of what you want, let us know to give us some direction.